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The demands and wishes of life are endless and in the quest to meet them all we lose ourselves in the process. There seems to be a million reasons why you can't take a break from your normal daily routine but there is one good reason why you need to take a break once a while...your health maybe endangered. Note that when your health is in bad condition, you can't attend to all the activities you have buried yourself in. Below are few things you can do probably once a month when you take a break to release stress, rejuvenate yourself and live a healthy happy life.

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No matter how beautiful you are as a woman, there is one little feature on your body that makes you complete...that is the vagina. It is the only feature on the woman's body that everyone feels uncomfortable and sometimes downright humiliating to talk about. As a result, a lot of women have problem with how to take very good care of it.  The vagina is an elastic, muscular canal with a soft, flexible lining that provides lubrication and sensation. How healthy, fresh and tight your vagina is can make or unmake your personality as a woman. Unhealthy vagina can damage your confidence and cause problems in your relationship.

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Women are the powerhouse of the world! They make the world turn on its wheels with their strength, influence, hard-work and beauty.  To a woman, success is an in built router which helps her to radiate success to all those who come across her. That is why there is a saying that behind every successful man there is a woman and in reality, there are millions of evidence to substantiate this saying since creation.

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I also remember when every child was everyone’s child and every elder had the right to send anyone on an errand without their parents getting upset. Children will stand up for an elderly person to take their seat. I remember when on weekends or special occasions, one person will cook and share the food among everyone. We were each other’s keeper and your neighbour could question strangers entering your house or shop. Children no matter their religious background were thought to obey their elders. We lived in a unified society where love, peace and harmony were our hallmark. Life was beautiful and each one of us felt loved and protected.

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You know the struggle is real when you can't fit perfectly into that fine slim-fit shirt or that bandage dress for the event and you end up frustrated and on some occasions you even breakdown and cry. Trust me i have been there before...i have shared a few tears at some point so i decided to find the easiest and cheapest way to flatten my tummy without a hustle and i'm here to share the first secret with you 🙂


The Perfect Body Myth


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We all have different ideas of what a perfect body is but we are heavily influenced in fact choked by societal pressures and the media simply because of the type of ‘bodies’ we see on our screen, on beauty products and magazine, on billboard and above all the kind of ladies who qualify to participate in various beauty pageants. As a result, more harm have been caused than good all in search of that ‘perfect body’.

How often have you seen articles discussing good eating habit or impact of women entrepreneurs in our societies? All we see is how to loose weight, build big breast or build bigger butt meaning the Society today tells us what kind of body image we should strive for. No wonder so many people are worried about projecting the ideal body image by taking pills, teas, butt injections and others going the extreme of cosmetic surgeries…

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